The European Football Championships 2016 are just around the corner. And as we all know: the best way to watch it is with friends. So join our public viewing! We will show you all games taking place within our regular opening hours. To show consideration for our guests who are not into soccer like we are only the most interesting teams will be shown with sound. Follow us on Facebook – we keep you in the loop about our schedule!

By the way, our friends from Prince Charles show all 3 German preliminary games at the club – including BBQ and beer. Entry is free! And of course at Pacifico, our burger bar just around the corner, there will be a television as well for those who are afraid to miss a game…

Our public viewing starts with the opening game France vs. Romania on Friday, June 10th 2016. Kick off is at 21:00!

Happy EM everonye!
– Parker Bowles – 


our culinary team is looking for a new head chef as of now! Please see all details in this job advertisement (only available in German).

If you have any further question please write an e-mail to Oliver Rother (o.rother@parker-bowles.com).

– Parker Bowles –