Auf der Suche nach einer Event-Location? Das Parker Bowles kann auch mehr sein als ein Restaurant.
Events mit Vollküchenanbindung. Alles aus einer Hand.
Für bis zu 180 gesetzte Gäste.

  • Firmenveranstaltungen bis 400 Personen
  • Gesetzte Dinner Veranstaltungen bis 180 Personen
  • Modeschauen
  • Live Konzerte
  • separate Barveranstaltungen
  • abtrennbare Bereiche
  • 2 Küchen
  • Showkochen
  • Neapoletanischer Pizzaofen

Das sind nur einige Möglichkeiten! Fast alles ist möglich.



the World cup Football 2018 is just around the corner.
And as we all know: the best way to watch it is with friends.
So join our public viewing!

We will show you all games taking place within our regular opening hours. To show consideration for our guests who are not into soccer like we are only the most interesting teams will be shown with sound.

Let’s go on 14.06.2018 from 17 h with the opening game:


We keep you in the loop about our schedule!


our kitchen crew has created a whole new menu for you, Soul Food Kitchen!
Classic basics, interpreted in a modern way and paired with Asian influences,
which’re characterized by elegance, regionality & freshness.

For the very curious among you, please click here.

– Parker Bowles –


Asparagus everywhere! In here too.
What would be like if we had no asparagus time?
So from now on you can enjoy all of it.
During our “ Asparagus weeks” we serve fresh and delicious Beelitz asparagus in many variations. Please click here.

Just come by and try out yourself! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

– Parker Bowles –


our service team is looking for some SERCICE STAFF as of now!

If you are interested please send your application to

– Parker Bowles –


Finally, the sun is back – and what could be better than starting the spring with a new dinner menu. It stands for some uncompromisingly product-related seasonal cuisine.

Classics which are interpreted in a modern way and paired with influences from all over the world, characterized in particular by elegance and freshness.

If you go for a menu, no problem: compose your own! Our team will be happy to assist! Or what about our new 6 course menu with a glas of wine in the evening sun!?

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Please click here for the dinner menu.

– Parker Bowles –